Day 15 – 9/10 – Back to Copenhagen

We had a day at sea headed back to Copenhagen, where Kristina would join us.  I tried all day to email and text her to arrange a meeting place and time, but got no response.  By the morning, when we docked, I called her business partner Ru in Dallas to see if he had heard from her.  By then, I was making plans to cancel the rest of the trip if we couldn’t connect before the ship sailed from Copenhagen.  To my immense relief, Ru emailed back saying he had just talked to her, everything was fine and giving me her address in Copenhagen.  As it turned out, she was responding to my texts, but I wasn’t receiving them – something to do with the settings on my Iphone.

Luckily we linked up before Sally & I jumped ship to find her.

We had a great day in Copenhagen, had brunch, and got her friend Brooke settled in a hotel (her flight got rescheduled to the next day) and boarded the ship.